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Festive Proposals for Summer Festivals

RADIO COS are some famous tambourine players that evolve root Galician music in a natural way.

Xurxo Fernandes and Quique Peón, singers and percussionists of the group, are two referents in the world of ethnographic research in Galicia.

The melodies used in this project belong to their files of field recordings, a work that they are doing all over Galicia for more than three decades.

METAL CAMBRA was born in 2008 as a personal project of violinist Ferran Aparisi, with an instrumental nature and with vocation of transcending the simple label "Celtic rock" to fuse rock and folk in its whole spectrum, but not closing to any other musical influence.

They now present their latest studio release, Veles e Vents (2014), perhaps the album with a greater folk influence of Metal Cambra, which is a journey through the musical traditions of Atlantic Europe and different Mediterranean regions, from a proper treatment of rock.

Their live performances are surprising and with great force.



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